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Progression Session #15 - Yohan Esprada - Deephouse, Minimal, Soulful, Underground House for your inner Soul

Progression Session #15

Guest Dj Horst
Crusz - There has been a lot of whispering about him
Cpen - Follow the shine (Aesoteric)
Capt. Delicious - Tea + anti-depressants (Rong music)
Fred Everything feat Karl the voice - For your pleasure (2020vision)
Matthew Bandy & Jake Shilds feat Derek Mayo - Feel it (Season)
Jake Shilds feat Iyana Mack- Someone else (Housetown records)
Phil Weeks- Music is a vice (Robsoul)
Matthew Bandy & Alexander East - In the morning (Franchise Player)
Nils Nurnberg - A love on the street (Freshfish records)
Hesohi - To old you (Aesoteric)
Stereo Twins - Forward e-motion (4lux)
Dj Meri - Everything (Nrk)

Mademoiselle Lorena

Baiser Sucre EP

Chat Noir Records

Baiser Sucre

Yohan Esprada

Sole Fusion EP

Chat Noir Records

Sole Fusion

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